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Quotes from 2008/09

  1. "na bro i m indian...i only know wat cricket is" A classic from Ruskin Dantra as Neil tried to explain Snap (you know the kids card game) to him.
  2. "26. Good effort" The legend of Phua congratulates Neil Gray and I suppose his parents for being born in 1982 !
  3. "Cheap balls man" Senior C player Elmo after Neil had just given them new balls for the first time in years. No pleasing some people eh Elmo!
  4. "Whats a four?" U18 player Adam Flauthag who has been playing since he was in nursery !
  5. "Its not about love. It's not about communication. It's about texting" The Mac Daddy Tim Phua on Love and life.
  6. After it rained for 5 minutes, the team got off and Bruce was asking the boys their opinion.
    "So do you reckon we should call it off? I mean we could lose this game here anyway..."
    Senior A were 72/1 after 14 overs
  7. "The bus was so packed, Matt and I were in the same position for 10 minutes" - Shashank talks about public tranport during rush hour in Auckland
  8. "Who along with me have got 2 ducks in 2 games?" - Nathan Benefield thinks out loud after Senior A's second warm-up game
  9. "How do you spell Gray" Tim "Noooo" Phua to our new club manager after Senior C decided he would be known as Neil Gray rather than just Neil.
  10. "Saturdays are never my day" A less than happy Nathan Bennefield after not a great start to the 2008/09 season.
  11. Oi, piss off. I’m on edge… I’m always on edge when I tie my shoelaces. I hate it.” Dean Bartlett
  12. Bomber: “There’s three balls left.”
    James Cowell to Dean Bartlett, “Bro, it’s impossible for you to bat!”
    There were two wickets to fall before Dean was due to bat… you do the math.
  13. "Can someone put their knee on the ground?... a white person"
    Matthew Wall, at training, claims there was something on the grass turning his knee blue.


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