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Umpire chaning his decision

I once edged the ball and the wicket-keeper caught it. The wicket-keeper appealed but the umpire didn't give it out. 30 seconds later the wicket-keeper asked me if I was out. I said yes. The umpire then gave me out. Was the umpire allowed to give me out? ...asks Phil
First of all, why did you say yes to the wicket-keeper? :p That would only make them give you more shit. You might as well have walked if you were gonna be honest about it to the keeper. The truth to your question is this: The umpire is allowed to give you out! The umpire is allowed to change his decision if he thinks he gave a wrong decision, provided he does so before the next ball is bowled. You must have noticed a lot of reversal of decisions at international cricket lately. On a side note, the fielding side is allowed to appeal for a decision anytime before the next ball is bowled. E.g. if the fielding team doesnt appeal for an lbw but start appealing just before the bowler starts his run-up for the next delivery, the umpire is allowed to give it out if he thought it was.


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