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In a game against North Shore (premier reserve) a bowler ambled up to bowl, completed his action at the crease, but did not let go off the ball; he turned around and took the bails off the wicket at non-striker's end, who was out of his crease at that time. Is he out? They made a big fuss until he was finally given out. Was he really out? ...asks Robert Harman

According to Law 42 section 15 a bowler may not try to run the non-striker out after he has completed his delivery stride as the non-striker is entitled to assume that the bowler has released the ball and leave the crease. If this occurs, the umpire must call and signal dead-ball and the non-striker is not out. However, if the run-out is made prior to the bowler reaching his delivery stride (both feet landing to finally let go off or bowl the ball) the umpire should declare the non-striker run-out. The non-striker leaving his crease before the ball is released is considered unfair play. In your instance, the apparent run-out is obviously not out.


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