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Last season in the first over, the opening bowler bowled 3 bouncers clearly over my head and finally the umpire called a no-ball after the third then on the fourth it was shoulder height and the 5th was over my head and I took a swing and got an edge to the keeper, is that out? considering he bowled 5 bouncers in the over? ...asks Sam

No, that is not out. It should have been called  and signaled no-ball straight away. I am assuming you were playing a one day game. A bowler is only allowed 1 bouncer over over which can be between shoulder an head height. Any bouncer between shoulder and head height, after that, should be called and signaled no-ball. If that first bouncer was above head height, then it should be called and signaled wide right away and that also counts as one allowed bouncer for the over. (In some grades in our Auckland club cricket, you are not allowed to ball bouncers). So just remember, you are allowed to bowl one bouncer, between head and shoulder height, per over and any balls above shoulder after that should have to be no-balled. Anything over head height is automatically a wide (unless you touch it of course, which would then make it a no-ball). 



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