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Ellerslie/University Ashes

The Ellerslie/University Ashes is a contest played between Ellerslie Cricket Club and Auckland University Cricket Club Premier sides. This is only applicable to two-day cricket. Currently, this event is on hold, as the two Clubs don't face one another in the Two-Day Competition The contest is for a replica of the Ashes urn. As relations began to fade gradually after the merger between the two clubs to play Premier Cricket between 2006 and 2010, the bails from the very last game, played as a merged side, were burnt and are contained in the urn.

In the inaugural game, in 2010, Ellerslie won on first innings, defending 250.

The team was: Konrad Kurta, Kris Baker, Stephen Venville, Matt Selby, Warrick Hart, Dean Bartlett, Jacinth Gutla, Marc Carmody, Graeme White, Bruce Gibb & Matt Newman.

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