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Quotes from 2007/08

  1. Two mature people were having a conversation:
  2. Nathan Benefield: "Oye, do you wanna light up a fire with all these twigs..?"
    Dende: "Dont be so immature!"
  3. How's this for a proposal?
    Mike – "Angela, will you marry me?"
    Angela – "Yes, hurry up stick it on!"
  4. Nathan benefield was keeping that week and practising with the team. He was told to keep properly after repeatedly dropping catches.
    Nathan: "It's not sticking!"
    And after a moment of thought, immediatly follows it up with
    "And no! Please dont put that on the website."
  5. The King was chatting up Daniel Marsic, University club manager, at a party; "Marsic, how come you bowl so fast?"
    was Marsic's smooth reply.
  6. Kamran, saw a ball go past him for 6 while he was standing there with hands in his pocket. He was questioned at fines session.
    Brodie: "You could have had that catch. Why were you standing there with hands in your pocket?"
    Kamran: "You told me to stay warm!"
    ... umm... stay warm to bowl soon...
  7. "Why are you trying to sweep that short ball?"
    "Cos I picked up the line of the ball early" - Nathan Benefield knows all about shot selection.



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