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Ellerslie 2016/17 Senior Reports: Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings

v Ravers @ Mt Wellington War Memorial 2a (18 Dec)

Ellerslie: 165-8 in 20 (Marty 21, Steve 34 [Retired], Josh 22, Kraig 16 [Not Out], 30 [Not Out]) LOST against Howick Pakuranga: 166-10 in 20 (Kraig 1-36, Jeremy 1-26, Marty 2-9, Haris 3-31, Josh 2-15) lost by one run

What a game to end the season. Looking over the picturesque setting of the Panmure Yacht club, at the Mount Wellington War Memorial Reserve. As the Yachts swayed back and forth under the blue sky and glistening blue water, Ellerslie won the toss and elected to bat while waiting for the remaining players to arrive. Steve & Marty opened the session, Steve retired quickly on 34 and Marty held his ground going out on 22 as the middle order collapsed around him, with with Joe, Haris, Jared & Jeremy going out for one run a piece and Mitch picking up 3. Josh took to the crease with a much needed 22 to form a partnership with Kraig who had found form, playing some great shots, slotting the ball around to pick up a tidy 16 (Not Out) and with Josh charging the bowler and stumped, made way for Lafs to see out the last two overs... knowing the run rate needed to be higher Lafs smashed his way to 30 (Not Out) off 8 balls with a 6 off the last and a good target of 165 was set.

Pace bowler steamtrain Johnson open the bowling with a wicket in the first, good overs from Ben, Lafs and Jared changed it up making for an exciting game. Jeremy and Josh bowling off two overs restricted the run rate and picked up a few wickets, with Hairs bowling well on stumps picking up three wickets himself, and an outstanding four over run by Marty who picked up 2-9 including a wicket maiden! Another great display of fielding and urgency in the field with acrobatics saving countless runs and catches being caught which is a rarity in this game; it came down to the last over. Howick Pakuranga needed 11 runs of the last over to win, a quick two runs, and a 6 closed the gap to 3. The last ball of the over is bowled and it is a wide tieing the game up at 165 each, the final ball of the season is bowled, it's played into fine leg and the batsmen sprint a single to win the match. Exciting game, everyone was a winner! BBQ and Beers followed, topping off a great season!


Performance of the day: Marty "Wicky dot ball" 2-9 off four and 21 with the bat, Steve & Lafs quick fire 30+ retired, Kraig eye in playing great shots, Haris 3 wickets when we needed it, Joe fantastic catch at fine leg!

Submitted by: Steve

Cool Runnings

v Ringers @ Te Atatu Park (11 Dec)

Ellerslie: 165 in 20 overs (Ben 36[18], Steve 30[22], Josh 19[16], Met 21[22], Lafs 32[14]) LOST against Waitakere Cricket Club: 165 in 18 overs (Ben 2-45, Haris 2-30) lost with two overs remaining.

WIth a few men down, Ellerslie took to the pitch to bat first. With only 7 batsmen we tried to get through the overs and play the ball around. Haris and Ben opened the batting cautiously, before long Ben had steamed away to 35 retired including three successive 6s! Haris, was caught trying to up the run rate and Steve and Josh took the pitch, Josh played some great touches and raced away to 19 and was stumped charging the bowler, Steve placed a few good shots and retired on 30 with friends Mets and Lafs making a great partnership with Lafs retiring on 32 with a huge 6 which lost the ball into someones house at the end of the field and Mets on debut picking up 21! Jared came in late with a few balls to play and slotted a few runs and Ben returned for one last hit before the 20 overs had come and gone and we had managed to chalk up 165 runs.

Now the challenge came, fielding a seven person field on the oppositions home soil. Ben opened the bowling with some pearlers flying in and picked up 2-45, with Haris also hitting the stumps and taking 2-30. Lafs also showed some touches of class with 25 off three overs with a drop caught behind which could have added to his wicket take. Some tight bowling from Josh slowed up the run rate with Steve and Jared taking care of a few overs with Jared getting a lot of movement which actually had the opposition worried and also taking a fine catch in the field. Again a great display in the field and a real sense of urgency we were able to restrict a lot of runs and we thought the win could be in sight, but inevitably with fielding a team of seven, Waitakere were able to reach our score within the last 2 overs.

Performance of the day: Ben 36 (including four 6's) with the bat and 2-45 with the ball. Lafs huge 6 out of the park.

Submitted by: Steve

Cool Runnings

v Suburbs New Lynn Cricket Club @ Michaels Ave Reserve (04 Dec)

Ellerslie: 135-7 in 20. (Jared 18[29], Mitch 8[15], Liam 22[25], Jeremy 26[19], Andy 13[6]) OTHER (SPECIFY IN ELLERSLIE RESULT DETAILS) against Suburbs New Lynn Cricket Club: 155 in 20 (Didn't get figures, but Wickets from most of the boys bowling. Liam, Lafs, Kraig, Tig, ++) New Lynn forfeit game? Interchanged players depending if they were batting or bowling. Had some people bat, then swapped them out for other people who did not play to open the bowling.

Ellerslie won the toss again and sent 11 of New Lynns players into bat, some fairly good bowling with wickets picked up from Kraig, Lem, Liam. Fielding game as the season has progressed and really picked up, a few good catches and run saves and New Lynn managed 155. Ellerslie went into bat against the New Lynn 11 players (however, a number of players had been subbed out to allow some new bowlers who did not bat to come in, extremely irregular, some would say against the rules) and some decent bowling made it hard to move the ball around, Jared, Liam, Andy & Jeremy did manage to get double figures which lead to a tight finish in the last few overs and we were just short of the total.

Performance of the day: Tig fielding for opposition. The acting from New Lynn pretending not to understand or admit they'd done something wrong when questioned on their playing a separate team of batters then a separate team of bowlers in one game. Liam 22[25], Jeremy 26[19]

Submitted by: Steve

Cool Runnings

v Kumeu Cricket Club, @ Kumeu 5a (27 Nov)

Ellerslie: 169 (Andy 30[18] NOT OUT, Tonci 24[38], Lem 30[9] NOT OUT, Haris 11[[5], Steve 32[22] NOT OUT, Tig 21[12] NOT OUT) WON against Kumeu Cricket Club,: 166 (Lem 1-21, Tig 1-16, Ben 1-3, Haris 1-14) Won by 7 wickets

As the sun poked its head out and sent the clouds away, Ellerslie won the toss and sent Kumeu into bat. A team of young sons and fathers played some great shots complimented by a number of looseners from the bowling lineup, Kumeu were all out on 166, a mean feat indeed. Andy did what he does best and got us off to a good start with a 30 not out, Tonci the other opener set the foundation picking up runs, Haris came in with a few boundaries and shot a quick fire 11 and was caught, Tonci still remaining strong. Lem then took to the pitch and smashed his way to retirement at 30 not out in only 9 balls (including one of the biggest 6's we've seen), Tonci still making the pitch his. Ben knocked the ball around and showing some good urgency was controversially run out, as Tonci looked on. Kraig showed his consistency and given him some motivation for next weeks game, Tonci picks up the pace and starts to slot some 2's and a boundary then bowled looking to up the score, taking out the record for most time on the pitch without retiring :D :D . The required run rate was getting higher and the overs were running out, Steve contributed with 32 retired and with a 20 runs required from 2 overs things were looking tight. With each ball that passed, we were closer and further away from the win, finally the last ball of the game and Ellerslie required 5 runs to win, the bowler takes his run up, delivers a call that flys past the batsman's bat who subsequently takes his gloves off in defeat... the umpire has his hands out indicating a wide and the realisation the ball must be bowled again, 1 ball left, 5 runs to run, the ball is bowled, Tig stamps his foot and smashes the ball for six winning the game in fantastic fashion!

Performance of the day: Tig 6 of the last ball to win the game, Ben one handed backwards fielding catch to save a boundary, Tonci staying in for 17 overs, Andy, Lem & Steve 30+ not out, Ben 1-3

Submitted by: Steve

Cool Runnings

v CEB @ Michaels Ave Reserve. (13 Nov)

Ellerslie: WIN - opposition defaulted (Ellerslie Cool Runnings WIN - opposition defaulted and did not show) WON against Auckland University Cricket Club, CEB: 0 defaulyed

Ellerslie Cool Runnings WIN - opposition defaulted and did not show

Submitted by: Stephen Barrell

Cool Runnings

v Royal Strikers @ Eastdale Reserve, Avondale (06 Nov)

Ellerslie: 143-9 in 20 overs (Andrew Birznieks 42 not out Rohan Britto 24) LOST against Suburbs New Lynn Cricket Club, Sunday T20 2A - : 144-9 in 18 overs (Kraig Johnston - 1-15 Kavi Rai - 2-27 Rohan Britto - 3-17) by 2 wickets with two overs to spare

Cool runnings took to the pitch to open the batting, the forecast predicted rain fall, but as the grey clouds were kept at bay, the only thing falling was wickets. With only 10 players, the score card didn't read well, eight of the batsmen didn't go above four runs, the batting innings was saved by a 42 not out from Andrew Birznieks and a 24 from Rohan Britto. What looked like a potentially easy score to reach, we really fought hard with a 1-15 from Kraig Johnson of four overs, 2-27 from Kavi Rai off three and Rohan Britto picking up 3-17 off four overs we really restricted the run chase, unfortunately they were just able to reach our 10 player target with just 14 balls to go.

Performance of the day: Andrew Birznieks placing balls all over the place with an unbeaten 42 and Rohan Britto contributing the second highest batting score and with ball in hand picking up 3 wickets for 17 runs!

Submitted by: Stephen Barrell

Cool Runnings

v Sons Of Pitches @ Michaels Ave Reserve. - 3a (30 Oct)

Ellerslie: 147-2 in 15.3 (Ben Stewart 26, Andrew Birznieks 33 not out, Stephen Barrell 31 not out, Mitch McKenzie 17 not out, Liam Jacobs 17 not out.) WON against Suburbs New Lynn Cricket Club: 146 in 20 overs (other team had scored this.) by 9 wickets

The opposition won the toss and elected to bat. Went in swinging and even with some pretty fine bowling and fielding (with some great bowling wickets, a run out and some amazing catching) managed to clocked up a pretty good first innings score of 146 with an uphill chase of 7.3 an over. Cool runnings came in with openers ben and andy (retired) who got us out to a very strong lead, an unfortunate duck to marty followed up with fine innings from Stephen (retired), liam (not out) and mitch (not out) to win by 9 wickets in 15.3 overs!

Performance of the day: Mitch with a huge straight 6 the biggest of the day, and Tig pulling off a catch which no one thought was possible!

Submitted by: Stephen Barrell



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