Ellerslie Cricket Club

Quotes from 2006/07

  1. "Lets play some naked cricket!" -Kasun Ekanayake's ridiculous wish which almost kept people away from him at least for a little while.
  2. R Dantra sets up a tent before start of play on a hot and sunny day.
    M Scott:
    "That's a nice tent. Probably could fit about 6 girls in there"
    J Gutla: "I reckon I could fit about 10 girls along with me in there!"
    M Scott: "Doubt that. Knowing your taste, it would probably just be 2 girls..."
  3. J Gutla bowls a big spinning leg-break just outside leg and beats the batsman by a mile on the off-side.
    J Gutla:
    "That was just like Warne's ball of the century"
    W Hart: "But Warne's ball hit the stumps though!"
    J Gutla: "Yeah I know. Mine spun too much..."
  4. The time is 11.35: just 25 minutes away from the start of play. "Is there a subway around here?", asks the The King.
  5. Do you work for Just Juice, cos your deliveries are so juicy?" - Ruskin Dantra's straight-up shocking call about a certain spinner's bowling
  6. "Did you know that programme was made about me?" - Kevin Williams, when a question about 'Macguyver' cropped up at a pub quiz
  7. Carbo: Why have you got a dog's photo on the front of your phone?
    Bowler: Its my girl friend's dog!
  8. "The annoying thing is that the ball I got out to, I could have hit for a 6!" -The King's regret, after getting out (edging behind off a forward defense) for a duck at the warm-up game against Papatoetoe Premier Reserve team.
  9. Partial transcript of a pre-season committee meeting:
    Chairman (Robert Harman): A young English player is wanting to come over and play/coach one of our sides, but he is wanting us to find him accommodation first...
    Secretary (Angela Hurst): I've got a room! Is he cute?
  10. "OK guys, lets warm-up with soccer. Lets make two teams. How many black people have we got?" - Kris Baker: making the warm-ups more interesting!
  11. "Going out with a cricketing chick is a dream come true! When you are bored, you just go and play cricket together" - Shockingly finable material from J Gutla's mouth
  12. "You can fine me for whatever. I don't care: I got a job now" -The King's proclamation


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